Lesson Plans for Fairfield Golf Academy

High School Preparation

This program is designed to help students compete at the High School Level. Also, we want to prepare future High School students on what to expect and get them ready. We will hold clinics both on and off the golf course. Clinics are limited to 8 students for more one on one time with our PGA Professional. It will include the following:

  • Short Game                                         *           5 clinic sessions (Saturdays 1-3:30PM             
  • Irons/Impact Position                                                   
  • Putting
  • Course Management
  • Practice Regiment
  • Mental Game
  • Fitness and Nutrition​

    ($100.00 per junior)

PV Practice Academy (after school)

Our practice Academy is designed to help all students prepare for competition. We will have clinics to help with short game, swing fundamentals, and course management. Clinics Limited to 8 Students

During our session’s students will learn how to practice thru drills, training aids, and learning about the mental side of golf. There will also be club fitting to make sure that the equipment matches the student.

  • Mental Game                                      *           Receives a junior range card
  • Develop a Repeating Swing                *           5 junior rounds of golf (after 12PM)
  • Impact Position                                               *           6 Organized Clinics (Fridays 4-5:30pm)
  • Fitness & Nutrition                                *           Youth on Course Membership card
  • Body Position
  • Equipment Check/Club Fitting

($120.00 per junior)


Fairfield Golf Prime Program

As Prime golfers progress through our program, they will receive more benefits as their game progresses to new levels. These benefits will include use of our launch monitor through our PGA Professional and Club Fitter, tournament preparation, and physical fitness programs. When the time is right, each golfer of similar skill levels will be paired together to provide more of a competitive environment.

Each level offers unlimited use of our championship driving range, lessons, year-round coaching from the phone coaching app, rounds of golf, and a Youth on Course card with GHIN #.  With all these amenities that your student receives, they will also receive the expert instruction needed to compete against other golfers. All Prime students will also receive the following benefits.

  • 10% off all pro shop merchandise (excluding hard goods)
  • 15% off additional PGA Golf Instruction
  • 10% off Legends Bar and Grill
  • Youth on Course Membership w/GHIN Handicap


PV Par Savers (Beginner)

5 golf lessons, 10 complementary Youth on Course round of golf, and year-round coaching via the phone coaching app. 

$425.00 ($699.00 value)


PV Birdie Chasers (Intermediate)

10 private lessons with a PGA Certified Golf Professional, year-round coaching via the phone coaching app, and 15 Youth on Course rounds of golf.

$625.00 ($899.00 value)


PV Eagle Club (Advanced)

13 lessons with a PGA Certified golf professional year-round coaching via the phone coaching app, 20 complimentary rounds through Youth on Course.

$825.00 ($999.00 value)